Hove seafront on my way home from work - Wed 17th April 2013.

The following day, we are off to Heathrow for our trip to New York.

Photo adjusted in photoshop HDR

neal in hove

Welcome to my 2014 website, here you can see a selection of my work, plus you are able to buy copies of the 'photos displayed.

I have been a semi-pro photographer for some 10 plus years now, having 'photos published in a Brighton based magazine from time to time. Plus, I am frequently having my railway 'photos published on the Bluebell Railway website. Based in Hove, I am available for photographic work around the area. Contact me to find out more! 

Back in 1991 I studied for a City and Guilds course in Landscape photography and am still trying to improve my skill. Using Photoshop on the mac is great, I remain convinced that a 'photo is made in the camera, composition remains very important. 

I hope you enjoy the 2014 website.
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